The United States Courts Archive website is a project of Court Archive Services LLC. This site is in no way affiliated with the court system of the United States Judiciary. Instead, it is an archive of court cases that is pulled from the federal courts' PACER system, as archived by the RECAP The Law project, via the Internet Archive.

This archive is updated hourly with the latest cases that have been uploaded by the RECAP browser plugin by users of the PACER system. This archive does not contain every case, nor every document, from the federal court system. Many, if not most, dockets hosted on this site are incomplete due to the nature of the RECAP system.

If you are a regular user of PACER, you can help populate this archive and make these documents freely available to the public by using the RECAP browser plugin. Using this plugin is a public service. The plugin is available for Firefox or Chrome.

Removal of Cases or Documents

In general, we do not remove cases or documents from this archive. This archive is a copy of public-record documents from the US courts system and all documents hosted here are openly available to anyone who wishes to access them from the federal PACER system

However, we recognize that sometimes documents are filed with PACER that contain private data that should not have been filed. This includes Social Security numbers, passport numbers, and possibly even credit card numbers. If any of this type of private data that should not have been filed is hosted here, contact us to have that information removed. IN YOUR REQUEST TO US, YOU MUST INCLUDE THE WEB ADDRESS OF ANY DOCUMENT THAT YOU WISH TO BE CORRECTED TO REMOVE SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA.

Similarly, if a document is supposed to be under seal, but still made it to the public PACER system (and thus this website), you may also contact us to request removal of that document. WHEN YOU CONTACT US, YOU MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF THE COURT ORDER THAT SEALED THE DOCUMENT YOU ARE REFERENCING.

Furthermore, if you have personal (individual) bankruptcy information in the archive that you wish to hide from search engines, please contact us at the email address below to request that search engines be instructed to remove that docket from search results. You must include the full web address of the docket you wish to have hidden in any email to us.

Terms of Use

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Contact Us

If you wish to contact us to request removal of private information or a sealed document (as explained above), please send a message through the Contact Us page. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE. Removal requests can take several weeks to process.

All other requests should be sent through the Contact Us page.

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