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CourtCourt of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Docket number13-1703
Date case filed05/31/2013
Date case closed
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Nature of suit2863 D.I.W.C./D.I.W.W.
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105/31/2013 Case docketed. Originating case number: 1:11-cv-00199-MR-DLH. Case manager: JMoore. [13-1703] (JHM)
205/31/2013 FEE NOTICE issued to Lisa McKinney - initial notice. Fee or application to proceed as indigent due 07/01/2013 Originating case number: 1:11-cv-00199-MR-DLH.. [13-1703] (JHM)
305/31/2013 BRIEFING ORDER filed.. Opening Brief and Appendix due 07/10/2013. Response Brief due 08/12/2013 [13-1703] (JHM)
405/31/2013 DOCKETING NOTICE issued Re: [1] case docketed Initial forms due within 14 days. Originating case number: 1:11-cv-00199-MR-DLH.. [13-1703] (JHM)
506/11/2013 APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL (Local Rule 46(c)) by Matthew J. Del Mastro for Michael J. Astrue.[999126887] [13-1703] Matthew Del Mastro
706/14/2013 DOCKETING STATEMENT by Appellant Lisa McKinney. [13-1703] Sarah Bohr
806/14/2013 DISCLOSURE OF CORPORATE AFFILIATIONS (Local Rule 26.1) by Appellant Lisa McKinney. Was any question on Disclosure Form answered yes? No [999130387] [13-1703] Sarah Bohr
906/14/2013 ORDER filed [999130447] substituting party (FRAP 43). Carolyn W. Colvin substituted for Michael J. Astrue. Copies to all parties. [13-1703] (ALC)
1006/14/2013 APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL (Local Rule 46(c)) by Sarah H. Bohr for Lisa McKinney.[999130556] [13-1703] Sarah Bohr
1106/19/2013 Initial mediation conference scheduled. [13-1703] (LP)
1207/02/2013 ADMINISTRATIVE RECORD in electronic format by Appellee Carolyn W. Colvin. Method of service: ECF service on counsel. [13-1703] Matthew Del Mastro
1307/11/2013 BRIEF by Appellant Lisa McKinney in electronic and paper format. Type of Brief: Opening. Method of Filing Paper Copies: mail. Date Paper Copies Mailed, Dispatched, or Delivered to Court: 07/11/2013. [999148202] [13-1703] Sarah Bohr
1507/11/2013 MOTION by Appellant Lisa McKinney leave to file Brief [13]. Date and method of service: 07/11/2013 ecf. [999148285] [13-1703] Sarah Bohr
1607/11/2013 ORDER filed [999148439] terminating Motion for leave to file [15], extending filing time for opening brief and appendix until 07/11/2013, updating/ resuming briefing order deadlines. Opening brief and appendix due 07/11/2013. Response brief due 08/13/2013 Copies to all parties.. [13-1703] (JHM)
0040453030007/11/2013 FULL ELECTRONIC APPENDIX and full paper appendix by Appellant Lisa McKinney. Method of Filing Paper Copies: mail. Date paper copies mailed dispatched or delivered to court: 07/11/2013. Has district court 90-day restriction expired for all transcripts included in appendix? Not applicable. The electronic appendix is initially restricted to case participants only. Case participants must be logged into CM/ECF to view the appendix prior to public release. Appendices in Immigration and Social Security cases will remain restricted.[999148203] [13-1703] Sarah Bohr