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CourtCourt of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
Docket number13-1664
Date case filed03/26/2013
Date case closed05/01/2013
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Case cause
Nature of suit3550 Prisoner - Civil Rights
Jury demand

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0080214058403/26/2013 Originating court document filed consisting of orders filed 1/4/13, 1/10/13, 3/20/13, notice of appeal, docket entries, [4018396] [13-1664] (PSA)
0080214059103/26/2013 CLERK ORDER:The $455 appellate filing and docketing fee has not been paid and is due. Appellant is directed to either pay the fee in the district court or file a motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis in this court within 28 days of the date of this order. If appellant does not pay the fee or move for IFP status by 04/23/2013, this appeal will be dismissed for failure to prosecute without further notice. [4018399] [13-1664] (PSA)
0080216665605/01/2013 JUDGMENT FILED - Appellant has failed to pay the filing and docketing fees and the time for paying the fees has expired. This appeal is dismissed for want of prosecution. Mandate shall issue forthwith. The full $455.00 appellate filing and docketing fees are assessed against the appellant. The court remands the collection of those fees to the district court. [4031179] [13-1664] (MDS)
0080216666405/01/2013 MANDATE ISSUED. [4031184] [13-1664] (MDS)
0080216802805/02/2013 MOTION for appointment of counsel, filed by Appellant Mr. Robert Allan Cornell. [4031918] [13-1664] (MDS)
0080216812905/02/2013 MOTION for leave to proceed on appeal in forma pauperis w/attached affidavit, AND to reopen the case, filed by Appellant Mr. Robert Allan Cornell. [4031976] [13-1664] (MDS)
0080217089705/07/2013 JUDGE ORDER: Appellant's motion to reopen this appeal is denied. [4031976-3] Adp May 2013 [4033294] [13-1664] (MDS)
0080217728105/16/2013 MOTION for reconsideration of judge order, [4033294-2], filed by Appellant Mr. Robert Allan Cornell. [4036453] [13-1664] (MDS)
0080217806505/17/2013 JUDGE ORDER:Denying [4036453-2] motion for reconsideration filed by Appellant Mr. Robert Allan Cornell. Adp May 2013 [4036805] [13-1664] (MDS)