Case Details

CourtCentral District of California
Docket number2:01-cv-00935
Date case filed2001-01-31
Date case closed2001-12-26
Date of latest filing
Assigned toJudge Christina A. Snyder
Case cause42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Nature of suit440 Civil Rights: Other
Jury demandBoth
JurisdictionFederal Question

Case Parties

Party: Michael Rifkin
Party type: Plaintiff
Attorney name: David Grant Geffen
Attorney Contact:
David Geffen Law Firm
530 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 205
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Fax: 310-434-1115
Email: [email protected]
Party: Scandia Center
Party type: Defendant
a business entity form unknown
Attorney name: Sean D Cowdrey
Attorney Contact:
Beach Whitman
760 Paseo Camarillo
Suite 350
Camarillo, CA 93010
Email: [email protected]
Party: Does
Party type: Defendant
1 through 10, inclusive

Case Docket

Date FiledDocument
Long Description
12001-01-31 COMPLAINT filed Summons(es) Issued referred to Discovery Brian Q. Robbins; Jury Demand (pc) (Entered: 02/02/2001)
22001-01-31 NOTICE OF INTERESTED PARTIES filed by plaintiff Michael Rifkin (pc) (Entered: 02/02/2001)
32001-05-11 NOTICE OF INTERESTED PARTIES filed by defendant Scandia Center Partnership (el) (Entered: 05/14/2001)
42001-05-11 ANSWER filed by defendant Scandia Center Partnershop, erroneously sued as The Scandia Center to complaint [1-1]; jury demand (el) (Entered: 05/14/2001)
52001-07-10 JOINT REPORT OF EARLY MEETING OF COUNSEL filed. Estimated length of trial 2-3 days (el) (Entered: 07/11/2001)
62001-07-24 MINUTES: ORD SETTING SCHED CONF; This matter is set for a Scheduling conf on 9/10/01 @ 11:30 ; Ptys are reminded of their obligations to disclose info & confer on a discovery plan NLT 21 days prior to the date of the Rule 16(b) sched conf & to rpt to Crt NLT 14 days after they confer on a discovery plan & other matters; At Rule 16(b) sched conf, Crt will iss an ord setting forth @ least the following dates: last date for joining ptys, last date to file any mot, whether or not dispositive & last date to complete discovery . Sched conf will ordinarily not be cont; Failure to comply may lead to the imposition of sanctions IT IS SO ORD by Judge Christina A. Snyder CR: None present (SEND) (ir) (Entered: 07/25/2001)
72001-09-13 MINUTES: ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE; A status conference was held . Plf's cnsl was not present. Defense cnsl was present. Crt Clk attempted to contact Plf's cnsl's office & received no appropriate response. Crt hereby issued an Ord to show cause to Plf's cnsl as to why this case should not be dism for lack of prosecution . Plf's cnsl shall respond in writing w/in 10 days of this Ord IT IS SO ORD by Judge Christina A. Snyder CR: Michelle McKay (PSEND) (ir) (Entered: 09/13/2001)
82001-09-13 COURT'S NOTICE re compliance with Local rules & FRCP & fur proceedings bef Judge Snyder; plf cnsl svc this ntc on all dfts & dft to svc this ntc on removal cases (send) (lc) (Entered: 09/14/2001)
92001-09-21 OPPOSITION filed by plaintiff Michael Rifkin to OSC re Dism [7-1], [7-2], [7-3] (ir) (Entered: 09/24/2001)
102001-10-02 MINUTES: Plf atty fld opp to OSC & adequately explained his failure to attend sched conf & req new date be set; Crt vacates OSC [7-2]& scheduling conf set for 11:30 10/29/01 by Judge Christina A. Snyder CR: (send) (lc) (Entered: 10/03/2001)
112001-10-29 MINUTES: SCHEDULING CONFERENCE was held ; Cnsl req sttlmnt conf before Mag Judge Robbins, Crt approves req; Cnsl are ord to file a joint propsd stip & ord as to a trial sched setting forth a discovery cut-off, mot cut-off (last day for filing mot), pretrial conf (on a Monday @ 11:30), & trial date (on a Tuesday @ 9:30) IT IS SO ORD by Judge Christina A. Snyder CR: Laura Elias (SEND) (ir) (Entered: 11/02/2001)
122001-11-19 SETTLEMENT CONFERNCE ORDER by Discovery Brian Q. Robbins; Mag Judge Brian Quinn Robbins will act as a sttlmnt judge in this matter; Settlement conference 4:00 12/12/01 (See doc for specifics) (SEND) (ir) (Entered: 11/20/2001)
132001-11-26 NOTICE OF CHANGE Of Firm Name & change of Address filed by atty Sean D Cowdrey for defendant Scandia Center (New info: effective 11/1/01, Firm name of Law Offices of Sean D Cowdrey Inc changed to Beach, Procter, McCarthy & Slaughter LLP, 789 South Victoria Ave, Ste 305 Ventura, CA 93003, telephone 805-658-7800, fax 805-644-2131) (ir) (Entered: 11/27/2001)
142001-12-05 NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT filed by plaintiff Michael Rifkin (ir) (Entered: 12/06/2001)
152001-12-26 STIPULATION filed action dism w/prej purs to FRCP 41(a)(1) terminating case (MD JS-6) (PSEND) (ir) (Entered: 12/26/2001)