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CourtCentral District of California
Docket number2:12-cv-05722
Date case filed2012-07-02
Date case closed2013-01-29
Date of latest filing2013-01-29
Assigned toJudge Otis D. Wright, II
Case cause17:101 Copyright Infringement
Nature of suit820 Copyright
Jury demandPlaintiff
JurisdictionFederal Question

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Date FiledDocument
Long Description
12012-07-02 Complaint - (Discovery)COMPLAINT against Defendant John Doe. Case assigned to Judge John A Kronstadt for all further proceedings. Discovery referred to Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Wistrich. (Filing fee $ 350 PAID.) Jury Demanded., filed by Plaintiff AF Holdings LLC. [Summons not issued on 7/2/2012.](et) (mg). (Entered: 07/05/2012)
22012-07-02 Certificate/Notice of Interested PartiesCERTIFICATION AND NOTICE of Interested Parties filed by Plaintiff AF Holdings LLC. (et) (mg). (Entered: 07/05/2012)
32012-07-02 Report on Filing of Copyright Action (Initial Notification)REPORT ON THE FILING OF AN ACTION regarding a copyright (Initial Notification) filed by AF Holdings LLC. (et) (Entered: 07/05/2012)
42012-07-02 Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program (ADR-8)NOTICE TO PARTIES OF COURT-DIRECTED ADR PROGRAM filed. (et) (Entered: 07/05/2012)
52012-07-09 Initial Order upon Filing of ComplaintINITIAL STANDING ORDER FOR CASES ASSIGNED TO JUDGE JOHN A. KRONSTADT by Judge John A Kronstadt: Please read this Order carefully. It governs this case and differs in some respect from the Local Rules. The Initial Standing Order can also be found on the Court's Website under Judge Kronstadt's Procedures and Schedules, which is always the most recent and updated version. (ake) (Entered: 07/09/2012)
62012-07-10 Ex Parte Applicaton for Leave re Discovery re DiscoveryEX PARTE APPLICATION for Leave to To Take Expedited Discovery filed by Plaintiff AF Holdings LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - Hansmeier Declaration, # 2 Exhibit B - Internet Service Provider Subpoena Compliance Policy, # 3 Proposed Order)(Gibbs, Brett) (Entered: 07/10/2012)
72012-07-12 Order on Ex Parte Application for Leave re Discovery MatterORDER GRANTING PLAINTIFF'S EX PARTE APPLICATION 6 FOR LEAVE TO TAKE EXPEDITED DISCOVERY by Judge John A Kronstadt. (vdr) (Entered: 07/12/2012)
82012-10-05 Transferring Case purs GO 08-05 (Related Case (CV 34)ORDER RE TRANSFER PURSUANT TO GENERAL ORDER 08-05 -Related Case- filed. Related Case No: CV 12-05709 ODW(JCx). Case transferred from Judge John A Kronstadt and Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Wistrich to Judge Otis D Wright, II and Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian for all further proceedings. The case number will now reflect the initials of the transferee Judge CV 12-05722 ODW(JCx).Signed by Judge Otis D Wright, II (rn) (Entered: 10/05/2012)
92012-10-12 Minutes of In Chambers Order/Directive - no proceeding heldMINUTES: (IN CHAMBERS): This action has been assigned to the calendar of Judge Otis D. Wright II. Counsel are encouraged to review the Central Districts website for additional information. The address is "". It is not necessary to clear a motion date with the Court Clerk prior to filing the motion. The Court hears motions on Mondays, Criminal at 10:00 a.m. and Civil at 1:30 p.m. The Court requires delivery of one non-blue backed Mandatory Chambers Copy* delivered by 3:00 p.m. the following business day to Judge Wright's document box outside the entrance to chambers near courtrooms 10 and 12. (1) All noticed motion and related documents; (2) All ex parte applications and related documents; and(3) All exhibits and attachments must be separately tabbed. * [ Refer to the Court's General Order No. 10-07 regarding ECF Courtesy paper Copies.]** Attention ECF Attorneys- Chambers Email Addresses are available under your Utilities menu by Judge Otis D Wright, II. (ir) (Entered: 10/12/2012)
102012-10-19 Order to Show CauseORDER VACATING PRIOR EARLY DISCOVERY ORDERS AND ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE by Judge Otis D Wright, II: The Court hereby VACATES any prior order in this case allowing for the issuance of a Rule 45 subpoena prior to a Rule 26(f) scheduling conference. The Court also orders AF Holdings to cease its discovery efforts relating to or based on information obtained through any abovementioned Rule 45 subpoenas. Within 14 days of this order, AF Holdings shall submit a discovery status report detailing its discovery efforts in this case with respect to identifying or locating the Doe Defendant. This report must name all persons that have been identified, including subscribers, through any Rule 45 subpoenas. Failure to timely comply with this order will result in the dismissal of this case. AF Holdingss discovery status report and response to this Order to Show Cause should be filed only in case no. 2:12-cv-5709-ODW(JCx), and should be combined with the discovery status reports and responses for the related cases, unless AF Holdings believes that separate papers are necessary to distinguish the differences between the individual cases (lc) (Entered: 10/22/2012)
112012-12-20 Order to Show CauseORDER TO SHOW CAUSE RE LACK OF SERVICE by Judge Otis D Wright, II: Plaintiff is hereby ORDERED TO SHOW CAUSE why Defendant has not been timely served. Plaintiff has 7 days to comply with this order; or if Defendant have been served, Plaintiff has 7 days to file the proof of service. Failure to respond will result in dismissal of this action. (lc) (Entered: 12/21/2012)
122012-12-27 Response (non-motion)RESPONSE filed by Plaintiff AF Holdings LLCto Order to Show Cause, 11 Re Lack of Service (Gibbs, Brett) (Entered: 12/27/2012)
132012-12-31 Motion to Disqualify JudgeNOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Disqualify Judge Hon. Otis D. Wright, II filed by plaintiff AF Holdings LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Proposed Order)(Gibbs, Brett) (Entered: 12/31/2012)
142013-01-02 Referral of Motion to Disqualify (CV 54)REFERRAL OF MOTION to Disqualify Judge/Magistrate Judge has been filed. Pursuant to GO 08.05 and Local Rule 72-5 MOTION to Disqualify Judge Hon. Otis D. Wright, II 13 is referred to Judge Michael W Fitzgerald for determination. (at) (Entered: 01/02/2013)
152013-01-07 Amended ComplaintAMENDED COMPLAINT against defendant Gilbert Pegues; Party John Doe terminated amending Complaint - (Discovery) 1 Jury Demand,filed by plaintiff AF Holdings LLC (lc) (lc). (Additional attachment(s) added on 1/8/2013: # 1 issued summons) (lc). (Main Document 15 replaced on 1/17/2013) (lc). (Entered: 01/07/2013)
162013-01-15 Order on Motion to Disqualify JudgeMINUTES (IN CHAMBERS) by Judge Michael W Fitzgerald: ORDER denying 13 plaintiffs Motion to Disqualify Judge Otis D. Wright, II. (lc) (Entered: 01/15/2013)
172013-01-29 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of an Action (Pursuant to FRCP 41a(1))NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal filed by plaintiff AF Holdings LLC. Dismissal is without prejudice. (Gibbs, Brett) (Entered: 01/29/2013)