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Misc. No. 08-442 (TFH)
Civil Action Nos.

02-CV-0828, 04-CV-1136, 04-CV-1164,
04-CV-1194, 04-CV-1254, 04-CV-1937,
04-CV-2022, 04-CV-2035, 04-CV-2046,
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08-CV-1185, 08-CV-1207

Case 1:05-cv-01429-UNA Document 112-2 Filed 07/25/2008 Page 2 of 3


Upon the respondents’ motion to enter a case management order, it is hereby ordered as


1. Burdens of Production and Persuasion.

A. The Government will submit factual returns in accordance with the scheduling order

of July 11, 2007. Petitioner may either file a factual traverse or may file a motion for judgment,

arguing that the Government has failed to carry its initial burden of producing credible evidence

that petitioner’s detention is lawful. Such a filing is due within 60 days of the filing of the

factual return. If petitioner files a motion for judgment, and that motion is denied, his factual

traverse is due 60 days thereafter. After the petitioner’s traverse is filed, the Court shall order

briefing from the parties regarding the legality of detention.

B. If the Government presents credible evidence that the petitioner meets the enemy-

combatant criteria, the burden shifts to the petitioner to rebut that evidence with more persuasive

evidence that he falls outside the criteria.

2. Discovery.

Petitioners are not entitled to discovery from the Government or otherwise. The Court

takes note of the Government’s representation that it will submit with its factual return all

evidence discovered by its attorneys in preparing the factual return that tends materially to

undermine the information presented in the return to support the petitioner’s classification as an

enemy combatant.

3. Proceedings.

A. The parties may submit hearsay evidence including by affidavit or declaration.

B. There is a presumption in favor of the Government's evidence, subject to rebuttal by

Case 1:05-cv-01429-UNA Document 112-2 Filed 07/25/2008 Page 3 of 3


C. The parties may make argument regarding the weight and credibility of such


D. Evidentiary hearings for the purpose of taking live testimony may be appropriately

convened only when the Court determines that, absent an evidentiary hearing, the weight of the

evidence supports the conclusion that the petition should be granted.

E. Neither party may compel attendance by any person at such an evidentiary hearing.

F. Should the Court determine petitioner’s live testimony is appropriate, it shall be

received via telephone or video conference from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.