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Dr. Bruce D. Tefft 4401 Ford Avenue – 6th Floor, Alexandria, VA 22302

Office: (703) 373-2450; Mobile: (703) 627-9560
Email: [email protected]

Professional Profile:

A seasoned, senior executive with 30 years successful experience in foreign affairs, counter-terrorism
analysis, and intelligence operations as a CIA Field Chief, and HQS Branch Chief in the Central
Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Operations, and Counter Terrorism Center. Formerly Counter-
Terrorism Advisor to the New York Police Department. Provide counter-terrorism training for local and
Federal law enforcement agencies (trained more than 16,000 individuals), in US, Canada, Italy, Mexico
and Puerto Rico. Worked closely with major Allied nation intelligence organizations and U.S.
government Departments such as State and Defense, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug
Enforcement Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense HUMINT Service, the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms and the U.S. Marine Corps. Recognized for exceptional problem solving and
motivational skills as well as the ability to manage, train, and analyze. Specialist in intelligence
collection, counterintelligence, and counter-terrorism. Develop university curricula for Homeland Security
and Terrorism. Comfortable in multinational and multicultural situations. Comprehensive experience in
conflict resolution and crisis management. Bilingual (French) with broad experience in Africa, Europe,
South Asia and the Middle East.

-Intelligence Collection and Analysis
-Global Emergency Planning
-Operations Management

2004 to present CRA (formerly Community Research Associates), Director, Terrorism

-International Conflict Resolution
-Corporate Security

-Risk Assessment
-International Law

Employment History

Areas of Expertise

and Terrorism

(cid:131) Provide counterterrorism training to US Army Military Police reservists
(cid:131) Create and Support new Counterterrorism Analysis Section in the Intelligence

Unit at the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice;
research fugitive aliens

1998 to 2004

Assessment Center
(cid:131) Develop terrorism and counter-terrorism doctrine
(cid:131) Provide counter-terrorism training to local and national law enforcement
organizations throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean

(cid:131) Maintain terrorism data base and network of experts

ORION Scientific Systems (acquired as an autonomous operating division by
SRA International, Inc. in January 2004), Senior Associate
(cid:131) Provide counter-terrorism training to local and national law enforcement

organizations throughout the United States and Canada

(cid:131) Provide counterterrorism analysis and intelligence operations support to the
New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division and the NYPD’s Counter
Terrorism Division. (May 2002 to present)

(cid:131) Develop Bachelor and Master degree-level curricula for Homeland Security

Case 1:06-cv-00734-RBW Document 44-3 Filed 06/26/2008 Page 2 of 2

(cid:131) Provide Open Source Intelligence collection and analysis to Department of

Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Analysis Group (JCAG)

(cid:131) Collect and analyze Open Source Intelligence; prepared detailed analyses

and Red Cell studies; Create and maintain Open Source Data Base for
Counterterrorism, Force Protection, Counterintelligence and International
affairs. Data base currently over 125,000 articles (50 gigabytes)

(cid:131) Refine analytic computer tools for Group Models and Incident Indications and

Warning systems to: predict probability of terrorist incidents based on Pre-
Incident Indicators; and to indicate covert activity in corporations

(cid:131) Provide training on intelligence analysis, collection, reporting Open Source

research, use of inference trees and matrixes

International Affairs Consultant
Professional services provided to: Orion International Services, USATREX,
SIE/Bulldog Technologies, Telecel USA, Inc., Mongoven, Biscoe &
Duchin, Brokers' Power Inc. and Odyssey International Couriers
Services included:




Provision of counterterrorist and anti-explosive training to members of elite
foreign services
Developing and managing security, asset protection programs and
emergency action plans in Africa
Providing diplomatic, risk management and crisis resolution services

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Directorate of Operations,

• 17 years overseas experience; served in 9 African countries, usually as

Chief of Station – Including Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Angola,
Zaire, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Somalia.

• Founding member of the Counter-Terrorism Center




Juris Doctorate, International Law, University of Denver, Colorado 1974
Master of Arts, History, University of Denver, Colorado 1974
Bachelor of Arts, History, New College, Sarasota, Florida 1972


Three CIA Awards for Exceptional Service under conditions of Hazard & Hardship
Four CIA Awards for Exceptional Performance and Superior Accomplishment

Professional Associations

Special Forces Club, London
National Military Intelligence Association
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
International Association of Counterterrorism & Security Professionals
Royal Canadian Military Institute