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Case 13-26259-AJC Doc 7 Filed 07/10/13 Page 1 of 2

CGFI3 (8/1/11)

United States Bankruptcy Court

Southern District of Florida

Case Number: 13−26259−AJC
Chapter: 13

In re: (Debtor(s) name(s) used by the debtor(s) in the last 8 years, including married, maiden, and trade)
Leonardo A. Cavero
14933 SW 179 Street
Miami, FL 33187

SSN: xxx−xx−9811




NOTICE OF FILING OF CHAPTER 13 CASE:The above−named debtor filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy case on July 10, 2013.
This notice is being provided to advise all parties of record of the filing of this case. Upon the filing of a plan by the debtor, a
Notice of Chapter 13 Case, Meeting of Creditors and Deadlines will be issued by the clerk's office notifying creditors of the
dates set for the meeting of creditors and confirmation hearing and establishing a deadline for filing a proof of claim. If you
received this notice you may be a creditor in this case. The filing of the bankruptcy case automatically stays certain collection
and other actions against the debtor, debtor's property and certain co−debtors. Under certain circumstances, the stay may be
limited to 30 days or not exist at all, although the debtor can request the court to extend or impose a stay. If you attempt to
collect a debt or take other action in violation of the Bankruptcy Code, you may be penalized. Consult a lawyer to determine your
rights in this case.

TO THE DEBTOR, Leonardo A. Cavero :

above referenced case, which was filed on July 10, 2013, contains one or more filing deficiency(ies) which must be corrected.
Failure to correct a deficiency on or before the deadline posted below the listed deficiency may result in dismissal of
this case without further notice. Deficiencies in items listed below may include failure to file the document, failure to sign the
document or failure to submit the document on a form that substantially conforms to an Official Bankruptcy Form. Links to all
required Official Bankruptcy Forms and AO Director's national forms and to local rules, forms, instructions and guidelines are on
the court website

DEFICIENCY(IES) in your case: You must correct the following deficiency(ies) by the date indicated below each deficiency.

Chapter 13 Plan (Local Form LF−31) was not filed with the petition.
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Schedules of assets and liabilities. The following schedules were not filed.
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Official Bankruptcy Form B6 Summary of Schedules and/or Part two Statistical
Official Bankruptcy Form B6A Real Property

Official Bankruptcy Form B6B Personal Property

Official Bankruptcy Form B6C Property Claimed As Exempt

Official Bankruptcy Form B6D Creditors Holding Secured Claims

Official Bankruptcy Form B6E Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims

Official Bankruptcy Form B6F Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims

Official Bankruptcy Form B6G Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases

Official Bankruptcy Form B6H Codebtors Form

Official Bankruptcy Form B6I Current Income of Individual Debtor(s)

Official Bankruptcy Form B6J Current Expenditures of Individual Debtor(s)

Case 13-26259-AJC Doc 7 Filed 07/10/13 Page 2 of 2

Declaration Concerning Debtor's Schedules (Official Bankruptcy Form B6 Declaration)
was not filed or was not signed.
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Declaration not filed

Declaration not signed

Declaration must be filed with deficient schedules listed above

Statement of Financial Affairs (Official Bankruptcy Form B7) not filed or was not signed.
See Bankruptcy Rule 1007(b) and (c).
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Statement not filed

Statement not signed

Statement incomplete

Statement of Current Monthly Income and Disposable Income Calculation (Official
Bankruptcy Form 22C) not filed. See Bankruptcy Rule 1007(b) and (c).
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Copies of all payment advices or other evidence of payment received within 60 days
before the filing of the petition as required by 11 U.S.C. §521(a)(1)(B)(iv) for the Debtor.
See Bankruptcy Rule 1007(b) and (c) and Local Rule 1007−1(F). Payment advices are
deficient as indicated: NOT FILED
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Exhibit D "Individual Debtor's Statement of Compliance with Credit Counseling
Requirement". See Bankruptcy Rule 1007−1(b)(3) and Local Rule 1007−1(E). A copy of a
certificate from the agency describing the services provided to you and a copy of any debt
repayment plan developed through the agency must be filed. The DEBTOR'S Exhibit D is
deficient as indicated below:
Deadline to correct deficiency: 7/24/13

Exhibit D and certificate not filed

Exhibit D not signed

Exhibit D filed, but certificate not filed

Exhibit D filed, but no option selected on form

IMPORTANT: The deadline to file the certificate of credit counseling cannot be extended unless there are exigent
circumstances which prevented you from obtaining the credit counseling briefing [See 11 U.S.C. 109(h)(3)].

Please also be advised of the following local requirements when correcting any deficiency related to filing of petitions,
schedules, statements or lists:

1. The Local Form "Debtor's Notice of Compliance with Requirements for Amending Creditor Information"

(LF−04) and the Official Bankruptcy Form "Declaration Concerning Debtor's Schedules" must accompany
the filing of any paper submitted subsequent to the filing of the initial service matrix. [See Bankruptcy Rules
1007 and 1009, and Local Rules 1007−2(B) and 1009−1(D)]. If the paper you are filing to correct the
deficiency requires you to amend your service matrix, please review the "Clerk's Instructions for Preparing,
Submitting and Obtaining Service Matrices" for additional format, fee and other requirements; and

2. The Local Form "Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury to Accompany Electronically Filed Petitions,

Schedules and Statements" (LF−11) must accompany any electronically filed schedule or statement filed
without an imaged signature.

Dated: 7/10/13

Clerk of Court
By: Yamileth Valencia , Deputy Clerk

The clerk shall serve a copy of this notice on all parties of record.