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CourtNorthern District of Illinois
Docket number1:01-cv-04927
Date case filed2001-06-21
Date case closed2001-06-21
Date of latest filing
Assigned toHonorable James B. Moran
Case cause28:1331 Federal Question
Nature of suit999 Miscellaneous Cases
Jury demandNone
JurisdictionFederal Question

Case Parties

None listed

Case Docket

Date FiledDocument
Long Description
12001-06-21 TRANSFER ORDER from the MDL Panel establishing MDL Docket No. 1403 and transferring case numbers 1:00-197, 1:01-17 from N.D. of Iowa, 0:01-428 from Dist. of Minnesota, 1:00-850 from E.D. of Texas, and 7:00-268 from S.D. of Texas. (emd) (Entered: 07/03/2001)
22001-10-24 MOTION by Garst Seed Co to dismiss Farmer plaintiffs' master second amended consolidated class action complaint ; Notice (Attachments) (rmm) (Entered: 10/30/2001)
32001-10-09 REPLY by defendant Aventis CropScience in support of its motion to stay merits discovery; Notice. (fce) (Entered: 11/13/2001)
42002-08-15 ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for Garst Seed Co by William Paul Schuman, Catherine Ann McCain; Notice. (gcy) (Entered: 08/16/2002)
52003-02-06 SUMMARY of the proposed settlement by Farmer plaintiff's liaison counsel (Originally entered on wrong docket.) (dmkf) Modified on 02/25/2003 (Entered: 02/25/2003)
62003-02-06 MEMORANDUM by Farmer plaintiffs' in support motion for preliminary approval of proposed settlement. (Originally entered on wrong docket.) (dmkf) Modified on 02/25/2003 (Entered: 02/25/2003)
72003-03-19 NOTICE by Ben King, Astra Inc., of intent to appear personally and testify at fariness hearing (Attachments). (tlm) (Entered: 03/20/2003)
82003-03-21 LETTER from Marvin Kilpatrick regarding inclusion from the settlement class dated 3/18/03 (rmm) (Entered: 03/24/2003)
92006-11-28 AFFIDAVIT of Patrick M. Passarella. (td, ) (Entered: 12/01/2006)
102006-11-28 MOTION by Class Counsel for entry of final settlement distribution order (Exhibits). Associated Cases: 1:01-cv-04927,1:01-cv-04928,1:01-cv-04929,1:01-cv-04930,1:01-cv-04931,1:01-cv-04932, 1:01-cv-06406,1:01-cv-06407,1:01-cv-06408,1:01-cv-06409,1:01-cv-06410,1:01-cv-06411, 1:01-cv-06412,1:01-cv-06413,1:01-cv-07183,1:01-cv-07184,1:01-cv-08286,1:02-cv-01466, 1:02-cv-03501,1:02-cv-04517,1:02-cv-08059,1:03-cv-04385,1:04-cv-02320(td, ) (Entered: 12/01/2006)