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Case 1:15-cv-10181-DJC Document 11 Filed 03/03/15 Page 1 of 1
Case 1:15-cv-10181-DJC Document 3 Filed 01/23/15 Page 2 of 2

Civil Action No.: 1:15—CV-10181—DJC


(This section should not be filed with the court a~nless required by Fed. R. Ciu P. 4 (1))

This summons for (name of individual and title, if any)


was received by me on (date)

-' I personally served the summons on the individual at (place)

on (date)

; or

I left the summons at the individuals residence or usual place of abode with (name

a person of suitable age and discretion who resides there,

on (date)

and mailed a copy to the individuals last known address; or

' ' I served the summons on (name of individual)

who is

designated by law to accept service of process on behalf of (name of organization

-' I returned the summons unexecuted because

On March 2, 2015, I served the Summons and Complaint by emailing a copy
of each to Michael Boudett of Foley Hoag, LLP, who stated that he would

on (date)


; or

'~ Other (specify) : accept service on behalf of this defendant .

My fees are $

for travel and $

for services, for a total of $

I declare under penalty of perjury that this information is true.

~ ~,

D to

server's Signature

John L~4Velch, Esq.

~/ Printed name and title

Lando & Anastasi, LLP
One Main Street, 11th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

Server's Address

Additional information regarding attempted service, etc: