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APPENDIX AUnited States Bankruptcy CourtDistrict of MarylandIn reMonica McGinleyCase No.12-28809Debtor(s)Chapter13CHAPTER 13 PLAN Original Plan Amended Plan Modified PlanThe Debtor proposes the following Chapter 13 plan and makes the following declarations:1.The future earnings of the Debtor are submitted to the supervision and control of the Trustee, and Debtor will payas follows (select only one):a.$ per month for a term of months. ORb.$ 500 per month for 6 month(s),$ 1300 per month for 54 month(s),$ per month for month(s), for a total term of 60 months. ORc.$ per month prior to confirmation of this plan, and $ per month after confirmation of thisplan, for a total term of months (if this option is selected, complete 2.e.i.).2.From the payments received, the Trustee will make the disbursements in the order described below:a.Allowed unsecured claims for domestic support obligations and trustee commissions.b.Administrative claims under 11 U.S.C. § 507(a)(2), including attorney's fee balance of $ (unless allowedfor a different amount by an order of Court).c.Claims payable under 11 U.S.C. § 1326(b)(3). Specify the monthly payment: $ 0.00 .d.Other priority claims defined by 11 U.S.C. § 507(a)(3) - (10). The Debtor anticipates the followingclaims:ClaimantAmount of Claim-NONE-e.Concurrent with payments on non-administrative priority claims, the Trustee will pay secured creditorsas follows:i.Until the plan is confirmed, adequate protection payments and/or personal property leasepayments on the following claims will be paid directly by the Debtor; and, after confirmation ofthe plan, the claims will be treated as specified in 2.e.ii or 2.e.iii, below (designate the amount ofthe monthly payment to be made by the Debtor prior to confirmation, and provide the redactedaccount number (last 4 digits only), if any, used by the claimant to identify the claim):ClaimantRedacted Acct. No.Monthly Payment-NONE-ii.Pre-petition arrears on the following claims will be paid through equal monthly amounts underthe plan while the Debtor maintains post-petition payments directly (designate the amount ofanticipated arrears, and the amount of monthly payment for arrears to be made under the plan):ClaimantAnticipated ArrearsMonthly PaymentNo. of Mos.To be determined Queen Victoria Way$31,288.00590.3453To be determined Treebranch$34,509.32651.1253Local Bankruptcy Form MVer.09.11Software Copyright (c) 1996-2012 CCH INCORPORATED - www.bestcase.comBest Case BankruptcyCase 12-28809 Doc 93 Filed 05/22/13 Page 2 of 5

iii.The following secured claims will be paid in full, as allowed, at the designated interest ratesthrough equal monthly amounts under the plan:ClaimantAmount% RateMonthly PaymentNo. of Mos.iv.The following secured claims will be satisfied through surrender of the collateral securing theclaims (describe the collateral); any allowed claims for deficiencies will be paid pro rata withgeneral unsecured creditors; upon confirmation of the plan, the automatic stay is lifted, if notmodified earlier, as to the collateral of the listed creditors:ClaimantAmount of ClaimDescription of Collateral-NONE-v.The following secured claims are not affected by this plan and will be paid outside of the plandirectly by the Debtor:ClaimantPNCvi.If any secured claim not described in the previous paragraphs is filed and not disallowed, thatclaim shall be paid or otherwise dealt with outside the plan directly by the Debtor, and it will notbe discharged upon completion of the plan.vii. In the event that the trustee is holding funds in excess of those needed to make the paymentsspecified in the Plan for any month, the trustee may pay secured claims listed in paragraphs 2.e.iiand 2.e.iii in amounts larger than those specified in such paragraphs.f.After payment of priority and secured claims, the balance of funds will be paid pro rata on allowedgeneral, unsecured claims. (If there is more than one class of unsecured claims, describe each class.)3.The amount of each claim to be paid under the plan will be established by the creditor's proof of claim orsuperseding Court order. The Debtor anticipates filing the following motion(s) to value a claim or avoid a lien.(Indicate the asserted value of the secured claim for any motion to value collateral.):ClaimantAmount of ClaimDescription of Property-NONE-4.Payments made by the Chapter 13 trustee on account of arrearages on pre-petition secured claims may be appliedonly to the portion of the claim pertaining to pre-petition arrears, so that upon completion of all payments dueunder the Plan, the loan will be deemed current through the date of the filing of this case. For the purposes of theimposition of default interest and post-petition charges, the loan shall be deemed current as of the filing of thiscase.5.Secured Creditors who are holding claims subject to cramdown will retain their liens until the earlier of thepayment of the underlying debt determined under nonbankruptcy law, or discharge under § 1328; and if the caseis dismissed or converted without completion of the plan, the lien shall also be retained by such holders to theextent recognized under applicable nonbankruptcy law.Local Bankruptcy Form M - Page 2Ver. 09.11Software Copyright (c) 1996-2012 CCH INCORPORATED - www.bestcase.comBest Case BankruptcyCase 12-28809 Doc 93 Filed 05/22/13 Page 3 of 5

6.The following executory contracts and/or unexpired leases are assumed (or rejected, so indicate); any unexpiredlease with respect to personal property that has not previously been assumed during the case, and is not assumedin the plan, is deemed rejected and the stay of §§ 362 and/or 1301 is automatically terminated:Other PartyDescription of Contract or LeaseAssumed or Rejected-NONE-7.Title to the Debtor's property shall revest in the Debtor when the Debtor is granted a discharge pursuant to 11U.S.C. § 1328, or upon dismissal of the case, or upon closing of the case.8.Non-Standard Provisions:DateMay 18, 2013Signature/s/ Monica McGinleyMonica McGinleyDebtorAttorney/s/ Teresa Cho EdwardsTeresa Cho Edwards 17587Local Bankruptcy Form M - Page 3Ver. 09.11Software Copyright (c) 1996-2012 CCH INCORPORATED - www.bestcase.comBest Case BankruptcyCase 12-28809 Doc 93 Filed 05/22/13 Page 4 of 5

United States Bankruptcy CourtDistrict of MarylandIn reMonica McGinleyCase No.12-28809Debtor(s)Chapter13PRE-CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATION - AMENDEDDebtor(s) hereby certify under penalty of perjury that the following statements are true and correct:1.Debtor(s) has/have paid any fee, charge, amount required under Sec. 1930 of title 28, U.S.C, or bythe plan (i.e. adequate protection payments) to be paid before confirmation.2.Debtor(s) has/have paid all amounts that are required under a domestic support obligation and thatfirst became payable after the date of the filing of the petition, if applicable.3.Debtor(s) has/have filed all applicable Federal, State, and Local tax returns with the appropriatetaxing authorities for all taxable periods ending during the 4-year period ending on the date of thefiling of the petition.Debtor(s) affirm that the plan is proposed in accordance with 11 U.S.C §1325 and request said plan beconfirmed.DateMay 22, 2013Signature/s/ Monica McGinleyMonica McGinleyDebtorLocal Bankruptcy Form OVer. 11.07Software Copyright (c) 1996-2013 CCH INCORPORATED - www.bestcase.comBest Case BankruptcyCase 12-28809 Doc 93 Filed 05/22/13 Page 5 of 5

United States Bankruptcy CourtDistrict of MarylandIn reMonica McGinleyCase No.12-28809Debtor(s)Chapter13CERTIFICATE OF SERVICEI hereby certify that on May 22, 2013, a copy of Amended Chapter 13 Plan was served electronically or byregular United States mail to all interested parties, the Trustee and all creditors listed below.AHMSIAmerican Home Mortgage AcceptanceAmerican Home Mortgagor SuccessorAT&TBank United FSBBankUnited FSBCentral Mortgage CompanyCEntral Mortgage CompanyCommunity Associations Middlebrook ManorFederal Housing Financy AgengyGMACGMAC aka Residential CapitalLegum Norman c/o Queens Landing CondoNational City MortgageNational City MortgagePepcoPNC MortgagePNC MortgageSeneca Forest CommunityStratford Harbor HOAWSSC/s/ Teresa Cho EdwardsTeresa Cho Edwards 17587Teresa Cho Edwards Law Frim9500 Arena Drive Suite 460-AUpper Marlboro, MD 20774301-357-4761Fax:[email protected] Copyright (c) 1996-2013 CCH INCORPORATED - www.bestcase.comBest Case Bankruptcy