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CourtEastern District of Michigan - Bankruptcy
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Date FiledDocument
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12013-02-07 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)
22013-02-07 Statement of Social Security Number
32013-02-07 Exhibit D
42013-02-07 Bankruptcy Cover Sheet
52013-02-07 Statement of Intent
62013-02-07 Chapter 7 Means Test
72013-02-07 Certificate of Budget and Credit Counseling Course
82013-02-07 Meeting (Chapter 7)
92013-02-09 BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors
102013-02-19 Cover Sheet for Amendments to Schedules and or Statements
112013-02-21 Certificate of Compliance of Submission of Employee Income Records
122013-02-21 Certification of Compliance of Submission of Tax Returns
132013-03-26 Notice of Requirement to Complete Course in Financial Management
142013-03-27 Certification of Completion of Financial Management Course
152013-03-28 BNC Certificate of Mailing
162013-04-02 Application to Employ
172013-04-02 Order on Application to Employ
182013-04-02 Notice of Appearance
192013-04-02 Stipulation
202013-04-02 Order to Extend
212013-04-23 Subpoena Executed
222013-05-02 Trustee's Interim Report(batch)
232013-05-07 Order Discharging Debtor(s)
242013-05-09 BNC Certificate of Mailing - Order of Discharge