Case Details

CourtEastern District of New York - Bankruptcy
Docket number8-13-73574
Date case filed2013-07-10
Date case closed
Date of latest filing
Assigned toRobert E. Grossman
Case cause
Nature of suit
Jury demand

Case Parties

Party: Casimiro Almendral
Party type: Debtor
Attorney name: Casimiro Almendral
Attorney Contact:
Party: United States Trustee
Party type: U.S. Trustee
Long Island Federal Courthouse
560 Federal Plaza - Room 560
Central Islip, NY 11722-4437
(631) 715-7800

Case Docket

Date FiledDocument
Long Description
12013-07-10 Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition. Fee Amount $ 680 Filed by Casimiro Almendral Chapter 11 Plan due by 11/7/2013. Disclosure Statement due by 11/7/2013. (amh) (Entered: 07/10/2013)
22013-07-10 Exhibit D Re: Credit Counseling Requirement filed for Debtor Received briefing but does not have Certificate of Credit Counseling from agency describing services provided; Filed by Casimiro Almendral (amh) (Entered: 07/10/2013)
32013-07-10 Deficient Filing Chapter 11 : Debtor Affidavit-Local Rule 1007-4 schedule due 7/24/2013. Summary of Schedules due 7/24/2013. Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities due by 7/24/2013. Schedule A due 7/24/2013. Schedule B due 7/24/2013. Schedule C due 7/24/2013. Schedule D due 7/24/2013. Schedule E due 7/24/2013. Schedule F due 7/24/2013. Schedule G due 7/24/2013. Schedule H due 7/24/2013. Schedule I due 7/24/2013. Schedule J due 7/24/2013. Declaration Concerning Debtor(s) schedules due 7/24/2013. Statement of Financial Affairs due 7/24/2013. Statement of Current Monthly Income and Means Test (Chapter 11) due by 7/24/2013. Copies of pay statements received from any employer due by 7/24/2013. Incomplete Filings due by 7/24/2013. (amh) (Entered: 07/10/2013)
42013-07-10 Meeting of Creditors 341(a) meeting to be held on 8/16/2013 at 09:00 AM at Room 563, 560 Federal Plaza, CI, NY. Last day to determine dischargeability of a debt under Section 523 is 10/15/2013. Deadline to object to discharge is the first date set for hearing on confirmation of plan. (amh) (Entered: 07/10/2013)
52013-07-10 Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments . Filed by Casimiro Almendral. (amh) (Entered: 07/10/2013)