Case Details

CourtEastern District of New York
Docket number1:13-cr-00137
Date case filed2013-03-04
Date case closed
Date of latest filing2013-08-29
Assigned toJudge Dora Lizette Irizarry
Case cause
Nature of suit
Jury demand

Case Parties

Party: Evidal Ifraimov
Party type: Defendant (1)
Attorney name: Anthony J. Colleluori
Attorney Contact:
The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori & Associates, PLLC
6800 Jericho Turnpike
Suite 208E
Syosset, NY 11791
Fax: 516-597-4425
Email: [email protected]

Attorney name: Matthew D. Myers
Attorney Contact:
Myers, Singer, & Galiardo, LLP
299 Broadway
Suite 200
New York, NY 10007
Fax: 212-986-6250
Email: [email protected]

Case Docket

Date FiledDocument
Long Description
12013-02-12 COMPLAINT as to Evidal Ifraimov (1), Karina Sigalovskaya (2). (Chin, Felix) [1:13-mj-00128-CLP] (Entered: 02/13/2013)
22013-02-12 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak:Arraignment as to Evidal Ifraimov (1) Count Complaint held on 2/12/2013, Initial Appearance as to Evidal Ifraimov held on 2/12/2013. AUSA Marcia Henry present. Dft present w/ret counsel Anthony Colleluori. Dft arraigned on the complaint. Preliminary hearing set for 3/5/13 @ 11:00 am. Order of detention entered. (Log # 2/12/13 4:59-5:22; 5:30-5:33.) (Chin, Felix) [1:13-mj-00128-CLP] (Entered: 02/13/2013)
32013-02-12 ORDER OF DETENTION as to Evidal Ifraimov. Ordered by Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak on 2/12/2013. (Chin, Felix) [1:13-mj-00128-CLP] (Entered: 02/13/2013)
42013-02-12 NOTICE OF ATTORNEY APPEARANCE: Anthony J. Colleluori appearing for Evidal Ifraimov (Chin, Felix) [1:13-mj-00128-CLP] (Entered: 02/13/2013)
82013-02-25 NOTICE OF ATTORNEY APPEARANCE: Matthew D. Myers appearing for Evidal Ifraimov (Myers, Matthew) [1:13-mj-00128-CLP] (Entered: 02/25/2013)
92013-03-04 INDICTMENT as to Evidal Ifraimov (1) count(s) 1-2, 3. (Attachments: # 1 Criminal Information Sheet). (Layne, Monique) (Entered: 03/05/2013)
9.1 Criminal Information Sheet
102013-03-08 LETTER dtd. 3/5/13 as to Evidal Ifraimov. Arraignment set for 3/14/2013 at 11:00 AM in Courtroom 2A South before Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom. (Layne, Monique) (Entered: 03/08/2013)
112013-03-14 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom:Arraignment as to Evidal Ifraimov (1) Count 1-2,3 held on 3/14/2013. AUSA A. Lopez. M. Myers, Esq. ret. for deft. Plea entered by Evidal Ifraimov- NOT Guilty to ALL COUNTS of Indictment. Order of Speedy Trial Entr'd. Time excl. betw. 3/14-4/4/13. (LOG#: 11:13-11:17). (Layne, Monique) Modified on 3/19/2013 to correct exclusion date. (Carosella, Christy). (Entered: 03/15/2013)
122013-03-14 ORDER TO CONTINUE-Ends of Justice as to Evidal Ifraimov-Time excluded from 3/14/13 until 4/4/13. Ordered by Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom on 3/14/2013. (Layne, Monique) (Entered: 03/15/2013)
132013-03-28 Letter regarding Rule 16 discovery as to Evidal Ifraimov (Lopez, Luz) (Entered: 03/28/2013)
142013-04-01 SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT (S-1) as to Evidal Ifraimov (1) count(s) 1s-3s, 4s. (Layne, Monique) (Entered: 04/02/2013)
152013-04-04 Letter re: Rule 16 discovery as to Evidal Ifraimov (Lopez, Luz) (Entered: 04/04/2013)
202013-11-20 Letter MOTION for Forfeiture of Property dated November 20, 2013, requesting entry of a Preliminary Order of Forfeiture by USA as to Evidal Ifraimov. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order) (King, Brendan) (Entered: 11/20/2013)
212013-11-21 ORDER granting 20 Motion for Forfeiture of Property as to Evidal Ifraimov (1). Ordered by Judge Dora Lizette Irizarry on 11/21/2013. (Carosella, Christy) (Carosella, Christy). (Entered: 11/21/2013)
222014-02-11 Memorandum of U.S. Probation Department to Judge Irizarry Re: Delay in Presentence Investigation. (Carosella, Christy) (Entered: 02/13/2014)
252014-04-24 NOTICE OF ATTORNEY APPEARANCE Michael P. Robotti appearing for USA. (Robotti, Michael) (Entered: 04/24/2014)
262014-05-02 SENTENCING MEMORANDUM by Evidal Ifraimov (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A, # 2 Appendix B, # 3 Appendix C, # 4 Appendix D, # 5 Appendix E, # 6 Appendix F, # 7 Appendix G, # 8 Appendix H, # 9 Appendix I, # 10 Appendix J, # 11 Appendix K, # 12 Appendix L) (Myers, Matthew) (Entered: 05/02/2014)
272014-05-12 Letter Requesting Adjournment as to Evidal Ifraimov (Myers, Matthew) (Entered: 05/12/2014)