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Lynne St#.; 'C!Ir,art v. United States ofAmerica, Diet U:- ,--

DearJudge Kodtl;

I write as counsel for Lynne Stewart.

c(,$,. I). ..s--,
?~/(3 __


This aftel':noon I lim filing on behalf oEMs. Stewart, by Order to Show CaUSE, a
Petition to Modify, Redu ;e or Vacate her Sentence pursuant to 28 U.S.c. § 2255 and 18
U.S,c. § 3582(c)(1)(A)(I). POUt of the exhibits to my declaration in support of the Petition
constitute medical t.ecotel s: (1) A Summary of Medical Records, (2) Medical records
maintained by FMC Car~..::vell (where Ms. Stewart is incarcerated), (3) the opinion of
Michael L. Gr.ossbatd, M D.) Ms. Stewart's oncologist before she went to prison, and (4)
Richard Dundy, M.D., a I,alliative cate specialist associated with the Visiting Nurse Service
of New York Hospice. 1)1'. Dundy's home addre~s and all references to Ms. Stewart's social
security number ate redal:ted. The EeF rules allow discretion to be exercised in determining
whether the records of tl: is type should be filed under seal. Ms. Stewart does not object to
filing them in the public I eCOId. I respectfully request that the Court instruct as to its
prefer.ence with respect tl) the public filing of these medical records. In any eVE:nt, your
Honor and the goverrum nt will r.eceive a complete set of unredacted records.



AUSA. Andt:ew S. Dembc1: (by email)
Lynne Stewart (b11 .r.egular mail)


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