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Feb 02 2012 5:32PM

Case 1:11-cr-00614-RMB Document 122 Filed 02/02/12 Page 1 of 1




aw Office of

Francis 0 E. Celedonio, Esq.

tNew Yqrk, New York 10013

401 B oadway, Suite 310

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Honorable Victor Marrero
United States District Judge
United States District Court
Southern District of New York
500 Pearl Street
New York, New York 10007




, . . J.

February 1,2012
ust)C SD~Y
.p6)Cg:\lE~ r
l' DOC # : ----+---I-~­
.. DATE PLED: 4~l_2":>l V


' - - ' - ­
1 . . . - - -.

Re: Unife~ States v, Christopher Colon,

Iller. 614 (VM)

Dear Judge Marrero:



I represent Mr. Christopher c1lon, a defendant in the above-referenced case.

As the Court is aware, Mr. Colon was released on an agreed upon bail endorsed by the

magistrate court consisting of (i) a S250,00o lpersonal recognizance bond, (ii) co-signed by two
financially responsible persons, (iii) travel ritricted to the Southern and Eastern districts of New York,
(iv) surrender oftravel documents, (v) and s ict pre-trial supervision and a curfew between the hours of
9pm and 6am. On consent of the parties, th s Court amended the bail package to include electronic
monitoring of the curfew between the hours Qf 11pm and 6am, Mr. Colon continues in compliance with
aU elements of his bail.

This letter requests, with the c nsent of the government (as per my communications with
conversation AUSA Daniel Chung), that the urfew be extended so that Mr. Colon be pennitted to attend
two family events: (i) tomorrow, February 2, 2012, his brother's birthday party in Long Island (with his
family, including his sick father) - returning orne by 2am; and (ii) on Saturday February*20 12, his
God-daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party] in Babylon, Long Island - also returning home by 2am,

1 appreciate the Court's attenti1n to this matter.

Req ues GRANTED. The bail conditions of defendant

artJ'h:r4,.- ~ herein
(IJ.......J'/ AJ Y
are modified to permit travel to Le'!J b
on )..- :1 - I A. lLlrtId ..t- Lf - I d--
and on the terms and conditions set forth above.

for the purposes




Francisco E. Celedonio, Esq.