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Case 1:11-cr-00614-MHD Document 192 Filed 11/27/12 Page 1 of 1


TO: 12:.28056382


DOC#: __~~~~~~~

" " .


Anomey at L;.nv
546 Fifth Avenue

6'h Floor

New York, NY 10036

Ph: (212) 750 9700

Via Fax

Hon, Victor Marrero, USn]

US Court House

500 Pearl St.

New York, NY 10007

Dear Judge Marrero:


(212) 750 8297

November 27,2012

Re: US v. Boris Yu')upov

Ind. # Jl Cr. 6J4 (VMi

This letter is to request that Mr. Yusupov be permitted to travel to Niagara FaHs - weather
pennitting - for a day (rip, ei(hcrThur~day, Friday or Saturday of this week, to take some friends who
are visiting the US and would like to see the f<llis. He will return by 7 p.m. on (he day of travel..

Mr. Yusupov'') bail conditions, as modified by Hon. Theodore Katz on December 14, 201l,

pennit him to fly domestically for purpo')es of his employment.

Mr. Yusupov has stated that his pretrial services officer, Mildred Santana, has no objection

and AUSA Michael Ferrara has indicated that the Government has no objection.

cc: Michael Ferrara, AUSA
Jonathan Cohen, AUSA
Mildred Santana, PSO

Re~sl GRANT, D

The bail conditions of defendant
I ~z'y-l J.
VL.i.& -(JY __ herem
arc modifil'd to permit travel to Nlltjlf-rt< Fed/f., NY­
on II/-;,.j{ tPt" I~r- GY I ?(II /.),. for the purposes
and (~; the term, {fill conditions set forth ab,\H.